Who are we ?

Established in 2006, Norbaz Data Solutions is an IT services provider focusing on developing custom solutions that are driven by our clients' particular environments and requirements. We craft our solutions to be very flexible in order to seamlessly fit into the exact needs of our customers; yet extensible enough to resist obsoleteteness in the longest periods possible.

Our main mission is to completely demystify the concept of costly custom software versus great quality and performance. To this end, we design our software with great artistry, enforced and ensured by our team of highly qualified and experienced staff.
Our long track-record is testimony to our commitment to form lasting relations with our customers through our products; that we offer generous suppot even long after initial delivery.

Are you looking for a custom, affordable system that really works for you with no hustles? Talk to our team!!
  • Web Applications/E-Commerce/CMS/Blogs
  • Database applications/Ms Access/Ms Excel/Ms Office Intergrated Solutios
  • Reporting solutions/SAP Crystal Reports/ClikView
  • Networking/internet solutions ..and many more>

 What we do ...

We are primarily a software development and training services company. However, we have our trusted partners whom we have worked with over the years to deliver combined complete solutions required by our clients. The categories specified below attempt to describe our services in brief.

Software Design and Development    

Software design and development is our niche service where we have established a reputation through the years since our inception. We mainly focus on the following:

  • Web applications/CMS/E-Commerce/Blogs
  • Database Applications/Ms Access/Ms Excel
  • Ms Office (Office 365) Intergrated Applications
  • Reporting Solutions/Crystal Reports/ClikView/ClikSense

IT Training & General Consultancy

Our staff is a highly trained and experienced group of experts in different high-end IT subjects. In most of the projects that we have delivered, we have offered trraining in the use of our delivarables.
Our experience in this area pushed us to answer the call by our clients to include the training service in our services portfolio.

We therefore offer one-on-one, face-to-face or remote training on different high-end to the tools and the technologies that we use on a daily basis. This gives our clients the big advantage that they will be trained by trainers who will use practical examples obtained from the field.

IT Hardware/Software Sales, Networking

Through our third-party partners, we aim to provide a one-stop-shop service to our clients so they enjoy a full service package within a single transaction. To this end, we also off the following services inhouse, that we supervise eventhough offered through our partners:

  • Computer Hardwarse Sales and Software
  • Networking services
  • IT Managed Services
  • Virtualisation & Cloud Computing
  • Active Directory, Domino, SharePoint Administration


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